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Quinta Bogesi

About us

Quinta Bogesi is for us, Silvana and Gerwin, a dream come true.

Gerwin and Silvana, a Dutch couple and both social people, who love a healthy dose of adventure. When we first met, the idea of ​​our own Bed and
Breakfast soon began to become form It did’nt take long before we
bought Quinta Bogesi and started our own B&B.

About the host and hostess

Gerwin is a social, man. He has more than twenty years experience as
a tour guide, so he can advice you the best places to see and things

to do around the area. He has a talent for organizing trips, which he
can apply well at Quinta Bogesi.

Silvana is someone where people quickly feel at ease. With her
communication skills and years of experience in Sales, PR and
Marketing she is always in for a nice conversation. Her caring quality
comes in handy when she wants to give her guests the ultimate’worry-
free’ feeling.